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As you know there are more theories about art than there are art theoreticians. In many countries children lose the joy in  art, because they have to answer questions such as: What is the message of the artist?

Poor kids. Poor kids of all ages.

How easy it is, you will experience here. A picture was painted, then it was finished, then people admired it attentively and listened to themselves. That's why this painting here is: ... Hope is the overcoming of the ego and the remembrance of love. - I hope the fire of reason blazes bigger and bigger. - There is a fire burning. I hope it stays burning until the end. - It makes me think of the hope of a new birth full of energy. ... and so on.

And all is right, moreover true.


Yes, wonderful!

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painting no. 15

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paintings for hope

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paintings for hope

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paintings for hope

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paintings for hope
paintings for hope
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painting no. 365

paintings for hope


E.g. painting No. 15 and the submitted hopes/comments:

  • Every new day with my kids.

  • An impulse of inner peace and serenity.

  • I hope that life starts at the yellow end - and not on the blue one.

  • "A doorway to hope" is what I thought when I first saw this painting. The door opens to my hopes. Thank you.

  • My hope always to venture new!

  • Never give up hope! It reminds me of pic#008. Love it!

  • This beautiful painting reminds me to be always in my own center and never forget who I am.

  • I want simply to keep registering my responses; it is a daily pleasure. This speaks to me of time, travel and destination. I hope it is a good one!

  • As the white line in the middle turns back, so I hope to turn back sometimes to places, situations of the past, which meant me a lot!

  • This painting looks like the letter G turned on its side which is my dad's initial.

  • I always believe there is hope, no matter how difficult it is.

  • I hope to appreciate all that I am lucky enough to have.

  • Hope for the future whichever way life turns.

  • I hope that at the end every problem turns out to be good - like the bright yellow end in the picture.

  • From the sea to the sun - and vice-versa. I can´t wait!

  • Reality & inspirational shapes & colors in life intuition & fog

  • More heat among the people.

  • The changing nature of our hopes. They start from the same place but they transform as time goes by. In these strong colors and shapes I see Hope, strength and I fight my battle with cancer I hope to look at this painting every day.

  • This spiral starts from cold colors, but after each turn they become warmer, to burst in the end into sunny, hopeful yellow. It is a reminder that one should keep going even if things look bad - it might get better around the corner. A cliche, but true.

  • This is my window which opens to Hope with all those glowing colours of hope.

  • This picture is for me like hope for the whole world.

  • The ancient Greek meander - a symbol of infinity and unity - that has been usurped by dark forces, here is reclaimed to show colour, light and hope for a brighter future!

  • May that path lead me to my home.

  • My hope is: I hope I am lucky enough to win this as it would make a lovely twin for martins picture.

  • Beautiful colors and technique. My daughter would love it.

  • I love art and when I paint I'm in my own little world. My hope is that I become a better artist !

  • This painting reminds me that where ever you come even the next step can be the first step to change.


E.g. painting No. 365 and the submitted hopes/comments:


  • I believe that the Greek people conquer their dignity back. Fast.

  • I applied so often and now at the end I really got one! This painting and the fact that it´s the last one of this great idea reminds me of my ability to be patient :) So, let´s go on hoping the best and thank you both for what you did over the last year.

  • This painting is full of my friend's, Peter Seibt's clear and shiny colours, most I like the red what gives energy and stands for love. My Hope is, that Peter will go on painting every day, that is how he opens his heart! Petra

  • For me it´s “the dance of heaven and earth, and feeling gently covered”

  • Hope sustains me, when nothing else works and you think you can't go on, there is always hope that comes from within. With this painting- see the small amount of white- nothing left, then grabbing on to hope, rising up into the blue, then reaching through.

  • I wish to share joy.

  • The last painting, wonderful colors. Heidi and Peter thank you very much for this unique experience, I hope your creativity will keep flowing for a long, long time.

  • In this painting is all the power and so much energy who give us the Painting of Hope, I will say “Thank you” for this Project and hope for a new project maybe a world painting!

  • A fiery and an aquatic river coexist harmoniously. I hope our life to be so harmonious and balanced!

  • Life is full of ups and downs. I hope that after a struggle to reach our goals we will enjoy a bright future.

  • I hope for a world that is respected in diversity. It makes life more colorful.

  • I hope that I am last because someone has to be :)

  • i hope  to have this last painting, i was try many times before!!!

  • Somewhere there is a place where your dreams are still up to you. A place where you can be as you are and your heart feels boundless love and inner peace. I hope everyone finds this place for himself and gets the feeling of having arrived. The painting …

  • I hope for enough warmness and water for all people over the world.

  • I hope for good friends in my life.

  • Last chance today with springtime round the corner we have the rain and the sun and many many rainbows to hope for.

  • Spring begins and your project ends. Heidi and Peter thanks for this great project, I hope for more of these wonderful initiatives.

  • I hope that these 365 wonderful pictures will make 365 people happy when they look at their picture. It would make me happy for sure. Thanks for this year of art.

  • I hope so much to be part of this excellent project.

  • You're doing a wonderful thing!

  • Okay, this final painting of this beautiful project reminds me to stay EVER HOPEFUL for anything; whether you get it or not! Xoxo

  • Rainbow Are beautiful and Reminds me to the Promises of God to the humans!

  • This painting reminds me that there's more to a person than meets the eye. Everyone has a colorful story that is often covered by layers of paint.  My hope is that we take the time to get to know people for who they really are since appearances can be …

  • Inspiration, light, hope may fill all your life!

  • I hope that Heidi and Peter will feel a return of the love they gave out to so many.  Thanks to you both!

  • I hope people wear colorful curves living in harmony with each other.

  • I have had a tough few years and in the past few months things have started to look up. This picture gives me inspiration for the future.

  • Like the rainbow finding joy in the rain, this painting reminds us it's always
    another day and another dawn, another chance for sunshine and happiness

  • I love the colors of this picture, because they remind me of a beautiful rainbow. Both sun and rain are necessary in our lifes and together they make wonderful things.

  • I hope that your generosity & beauty continue to shine in the hearts of all. Aroha William. Xo

  • I hope for regaining our piece of mind.

  • I believe there is place for everybody in this planet. I hope everybody believes the same as I do.

  • I hope the school educational system in Greece improves. I hope schools become happier and more creative places for all people involved, students, teachers, parents, ministers of education etc

  • Hope, my life will always be colorful with new experiences every day.




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