Impressions of the 365 exhibitions at 12 July 2015

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Essay by Marta Nagy, Hungary

winner of painting no. 292


Happy Painting For Hope!!!


I had two young people in my home, one -time-students of mine to celebrate this project.

We talked about the painting I won, what we saw in it, our hopes.

We talked about the realisation of future schools where people are thaught about universal connections, values, treasures; get charged in their energies; develope their abilities, creativity, allowing them to live to their potentials; making them feel happy, content.


We recalled people who, in different ways, but led by the same spiritual move, offered so much to the world. And who, by strange response, were more often treated unkindly, tortured, led to madness, assissinated. And nations, ethnicities treated the same way. The 'why' is crying more than the 'what'. There is no chatarsis without naming and acknowledging wrongdoings, before making up for them. 


But this is a day to celebrate the good things and Hope. I'd like to add some lines quoted from Ben Okri so beautifully said.



Excerpt from 'Mental Fight' by Ben Okri


Seven/III. No one is a loser


Never again will we stand

On the threshold of a new age.

We that are here now are touched

In some mysterious way

With the ability to change

And make the future.

Those who wake to the wonder

Of this magic moment,

Who wake to the possibilities

Of this charged conjunction,

Are the chosen ones who have chosen

To act, to free the future, to open it up,

To consign prejudices to the past,

To open up the magic casement

Of the human spirit

Onto a more shining world.


Then, a few centuries into the future,

The miseries and the sufferings

Of continents will be the rumours

Of history;

There will be no famines

No mass starvations

No tolerance of tyranny

And liberty will have a more glorious song.

And then humanity will spend

Time's repletion dreaming of ways

To use the new freedoms and powers

Of the race for higher things,

Much as we find better uses

For electricity or solar energy.


 Eight/III  Turn on your light  



Already I sense the great orchestras

Of humanity, a world symphony,

A world jam, in which the diverse

Genius of the human race-

Its rich tapestry of differences-

Will combine, weave, heighten,

Harmonise all its varied ways

And bring about a universal flowering

In all the vast numbers of disciplines

And among the unnumbered peoples.

Already I can hear this distant music

Of the future,

The magic poetry of time,

The distillation of all our different gifts.


By Ben Okri


AN ANTI-SPELL FOR THE 21st CENTURY 'MENTAL FIGHT', 1999 Phoenix House, Great Britain


Best Greetings,


Marta Nagy

Werner Giesser in Luxembourg

winner of painting no. 118:


364 paintings and mine
This is hope, this is a shine
An exhibition on the worldwide web
Many hopes and a further step
How art comes over and to us
A new way, a hopeful, thus
Show your colors, show your words!
Let them fly like hopeful birds!
By Werner Giesser (cc)


All images © C.P.Seibt. ​All Rights Reserved.

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