Photo Gallery of the new art owners and their hopes:
Painting no. 1 - 100   /   for painting 101 - 200 here   /  for painting 201 - 365 here

1 Rosemarie Richter, Greece
The blue of the sea; is this the sea? The dark violet sky; is this sky? Light in the center. I am curious what is behind. But I know for sure: Everything is with everything connected. That gives me hope.
2 Janet Alibrandis Maryland/USA
Woman and woman is life and I am woman and I love life.
4 Isabella Hartl, Germany
The light at the end of the tunnel with a person loving you waiting there for you!
5 Carolin Plewa, South Africa
I hope for us to be bright, be bold and bring happiness to this wonderful colourful world we call home. This painting for me signals exactly that: The ability of light and joy to take over any space, any mood and any day.
6 Miriam Hartl, Germany
It looks like a star shining over three levels of existence! whow!
7 Carole Payne, Canada
This reminds me of a beautiful tree spreading it's leaves like a protective mantle of colour.
8 Martin Ferris, France
Hope is part of everyones life. It´s silent but it is there you just have to be strong, carry on and let it find you.
9 Michael Hartl, Germany
I hope that the darkness never will catch my free spirit.
10 Eirini Tsiraki, Cyclades/Greece
This makes my mind fly away... and when this happens hope fills my soul...
11 Hans Meinert, Danmark
I hope the fire of passion stays in us through life. This painting is a picture of that.
12 Jude Cooper, Cheshire/UK
Looking at this painting on screen in different sizes, gives so many possibilities. My first thought was of Temptation, and so my hopes were for the ability to resist the major ones. Focussing on a different aspect of the painting, there is growth, ...
14 Peter Lippuner, Switzerland
Uroboros reminds me of the power and eternity of nature.
15 Laszlo Nagy, Hungary
As the white line in the middle turns back, so I hope to turn back sometimes to places, situations of the past, which meant me a lot! As I am turning back to Paros in July to see you again! :)
19 Claire Sherman, Abu Dhabi
This painting reminds me of freeing myself by travelling to new places. Having the courage to live a different life because we have hope that the world unknown to us has amazing things to offer.
20 Katja Brölsch, Germany
I hope that my husband and I will always stand together.
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Photo Gallery of the new art owners and their hopes:
Painting no. 101 - 200

100 Ingrid Oyrer, Altenberg/Austria
Hope is a circle, there is no beginning or end. I hope I`ll never loose my optimism.
101 Michael Marsh, England
My hope is for everyone to experience waves of joy in their lives.
104 Karolina Fesche de Almeida, Germany
I see myself as the brown spot on the bottom part of the picture and the blue part is the sun for me! The sun is a sign of hope for me, and that picture makes me really happy! I fell a immediately in love with it. It looks like, the sun is shining down on me.
105 Linda McLaughlin, Idaho/USA
The "Y" stands for yes there is hope that we will start taking better care of our world.
106 Natalia Oleksikiw, Argentina
Con alas para volar en libertad.
With wings to fly free.
107 Nathaniel Payne, Canada
I hope for a life full of love and joy.
108 Magdalena Oyrer, Austria
My hope is, that I can live a life with many ups and only some downs. I hope I have a beautiful life with my family.
113 Trine Jakobsen, Norway
It reminds me of beeing loved and taking care of each other.
115 Yvette Cloete, South Africa
The painting reminded me of the duality of all, and I hope that more and more people will be able to recognise this in the world, so that war will no longer be necessary.
116 Rozanne Cloete, South Africa
This painting reminds me of the hope that all of us carry within ourselves - our inner light and our darkness, as well as the passion that drives us forward to do good in this world.
118 Werner Giesser, Luxembourg
This man, sitting on a red chair looking the sun growing, hopes that this will be repeated every day.
118 Werner Giesser, Luxembourg
This man, sitting on a red chair looking the sun growing, hopes that this will repeated every day.
119 Sabine Zehnder, Switzerland
Love forever.
120 Deirdre Gardiner, England
I hope my husband will always be by my side, and we will be side by side.
122 Fionnuala Brennan, Ireland
My hope is that the hand of hope is reached out to quench the flames of hatred and conflict in so many parts of our world.
123 Christian Abke, NRW/Germany
Hope that the different way of thinking in the world alway remember that we share the same planet and all have the same biology.
124 Sandy Heger, Netherlands
My actual hope is, that loving consciousness and kindness will grow and develop in the hearts of all people. So more wisdom and care may rein the world again. In this painting grows a strong and creative plant - ancored in healthy soil, out into a warm environment. Ready to shine and spread this hopes.
126 Christine Howson, North York./UK
It reminds me if some one looking through bars of a prison with the hope of some day being on the other side "Free".
131 David Gardiner, Berkshire/UK
This painting reminds me of the varied cultures we have around the world and how different we all are. My hope is for solidarity between our different races and religions.
132 Wolfgang Bahr, Saxony/Germany
I see a woman, wrapped in a white cloth and I hope for forgiveness in Israel and Palestine.
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Photo Gallery of the new art owners and their hopes:
Painting no. 201 - 365

204 Magret Mamier, Rhineland/Germany
The Tree of Hope, please remain with us still for a long time!
206 Gustav Swenson, Washington/USA
I hope the world learns to use communication to solve it's problems and not violence. This painting reminds me of my hope, because I see a bridge of communication.
207 Julia Gnädinger, Hamburg/GER
My hope is that anyone who is in a dark place right now gets to see the brightest of colors again very soon.
210 Tatja Seibt, Berlin/Germany
I always want a Blue Heaven inside and outside...
211 Ursula Mazenauer, Switzerland
I hope that spring comes again for all.
213 Simon Pouly, Hamburg/Germany
I hope that I can keep pushing to be the best version of myself possible every day, and motivate others to do the same.
215 Zsuzsa Simon, Hungary
When one door closes another opens. I hope to see the possibilities in my life rather than the difficulties.
216 Conny Brückner, Germany
I hope my whole family and my friends stay healthy and have fun!!!
219 Sreenivasa Ram Makinedi, India
I liked your concept of spreading hope. I need some hope myself. And hope i will get this painting.
220 Adelais Arapoglou, Greece
I hope that I can always see, feel and love the angels that I have in my life!
221 Klaus-Uwe Timmert, Germany
What a colouful life! I hope I will remember taking a minute of my time every day to realize, enjoy and share it with friends.
222 Marc Ottiker, Berlin/Germany
That the spirit, wisdom & humour of every little child become part of it's grown up personality.
224 Helene Smit, South Africa
I hope for a world where people will have the guts to keep on loving even if they get hurt. #KYLO
226 Christian Thäler, Switzerland
I hope all people in the world will have clean water for living.
227 Chrigi Sager, Long Island/USA
I was drawn to this picture because it reminds me of my father. My father, who lives in Switzerland, was diagnosed 2 years ago with dementia. Since then I see his mind slowly disappearing, memories fading away and I see a lot of anxiety and sadness ...
229 Chiara Bertoloni, Italy
Perfection of the circle. Perfection of elected souls. Life has a meaning only if and when shared. Minds and hearts connected have a great power. That's what I see in this paint and what I wish to everybody:)
230 Adrijana Ananieva, Rep. of Macedonia
It reminds me of a new beginning. One fresh morning when everything seems possible. And indeed it is. It has all the elements, water, earth, sun... it gives the prospect of a new life. God bless You ***
231 Zoltan Zsabo, Hungary
A sunny day in the garden with a smiling pansy in the window. I hope I can show the miracles of nature to my little daughter.
233 Gyuláné Simon, Hungary
It reminds me to the sunshine comes through the window after night and I hope to remember that after dark always comes the light.
236 Marie-Louise van Erp, Netherlands
I hope this vibrating colors will make the lives of many people lighter.
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