21 March 2015:


The Painting of the Day #365

- the very last one after one year.

12 x 12 in, 20 x 20 cm, oil on cardboard 2012/13.

Signed "cps" and dedicated to the winner. (Please remember that the quality / beauty of the paintings is much more intense than the digital presentation.)


Some pieces of art we like or dislike at first sight. Or nothing happens.

Sometimes suddenly a painting grabs us and we are overhelmed by the impression. It communicates with our hope, whichever hope. And now:

If you appreciate the painting and it reminds you of your own hopes - just apply and tell us a bit about your hopes. Plus approve the email we'll send you afterwards.

We would love to send the painting over to you.

Apply now

Please be so kind to accept: This is a gift. If more people apply for the painting of the day, the recipient will be drawn. The next day a picture or video of the raffle will be presented here, the winner will be contacted by email, congratulated and we will send the painting promptly.

You can participate as often as you like (we are interested in your hopes, even daily), but only win once.​

If an image is not selected in a day it comes in the gallery of the orphans. There you can select it. Mail is accepted. Thank you for understanding.


20    March 2015:

21 March 2015:


All images © C.P.Seibt. ​All Rights Reserved.

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