Hopes & Hartls

THE three Hartls - having won against all probaility within a few days wrote:

" Yesterday we got your gifts and we are so happy!!!

It was such a great pleasure to open the package and see these amazing beautiful paintings!!! They are even much more beautiful in original! We love them and we thank you so much for them!!

Of course we will send you a picture of us soon! And we will put them in frames and hang them together, as a symbol also for our small family.

To win three paintings in such a short time will remind us always to the strength of our desires.

If you want it you get it:-)))

I really love this project - it is so full of joy and love and really is making a difference for us!

We go on spreading your idea and my mother also loves them!

We talk about the hopes and this makes us feel better! This is what art should do. I also wanted to communicate you an idea regarding the project. I think what the people write about their hopes could be also part of it, so to publish somehow all the hopes (from each who applies) together with each painting, somehow like that. So it would be very interesting to see the different ideas and hopes associated with the same painting.

I saw your circle of hopes and it is also fantastic and I like the idea a lot! So, I wish you both a wonderful day !

And thanks again for everything!!! Isabella, Michael and Miriam"

Imagine what this family will create! Even aganinst preobability. Thank you.

#love #life #dreamsfullfilled

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