Our first team and hopefully soon you too: e.g. winners, supporters, friends, art lovers, enhancers, attentive initiators ... we hope this gallery grows rapidly, thank you:

The first team

The first team


Why do we do this? Because we are crazy? Of course, a bit. And also, because we love it. Because it gives us joy to make you happy. Because we know that it's just not true that everything has it's price and giving means nothing without taking. - And because it gives us something back: Hope. The hope for change, the hope that a society can be a community, the hope, that you and us, that we can make a difference, that we are the difference. Together. What a joy and privilege.


Heidi & C.P.Seibt

If you spread the word, invite friends, give others a chance to grow :))) .... please become a member of the team by your involvement.

If you want to realize any idea related to the project 365 ... please let us know, we support you, if we are able to and you will become a member of the team by your involvement.


Here we start the hall of fame:

Most helpful and charming team members who made us start und to work on every day:

* John-Philipp Karavias

* Alexander Seibt
* Vicki Preston @ Paros Life & Naxos Life  www.paroslife.com

* Janina Anna-Theresa Hausladen, modern nomad, master of the world map and
* Tobias Riedle, owner and founder of "Find Pinguins", Set Footprints, for Life and Travel, see our world map.


Members of the Project 365 Paintings for Hope:

* We are happy to announce that our postage account has been generously supported by

***** Iris & Michael

***** Christine Stahlschmidt, Hamburg

***** Paul Boesch, Ebnat-Kappel/Switzerland

because they enjoy our project.

Welcome on board as team members and thank you very much.


Helpers which make us grow:

* Husi & Partner GmbH, http://peppermindsblog.ch/

* Wolfgang Bahr, www.wolfgangbahr.com/

* Mathias Valentin, PACT Communication Group, Munich

* Alyson B. Stanfield, ArtBizCoach, http://www.artbizcoach.com/

* Antonis Vourexakis, www.livingandotherarts.com/

* Artist Sarah Fincham, http://smallofferings.weebly.com
* Carole and Jim Payne, Canada

* Vicki Preston @ Paros Life & Naxos Life, facebook group

* Team of Parosweb or at facebook
* The Nice Niche, Blog
* Griechenland Zeitung, article / facebook

* Schwindt-Art by Annette Schwindt
* Article in Huffington Post by Creston Davis: Art Still offers Hope

* Astrologie Heute, article

* Griechenland Zeitung

* Word up! Schnapsideendestillerie by Nicole von Horst


* and many more unknown. Thank you all!



All images © C.P.Seibt. ​All Rights Reserved.

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